Who & What Are We?

Sour Grapes Records is a DIY Promoter and Manchester Record Label.  We put on and release psych, fuzz and garage rock music typically, and have been doing so the last couple of years.  Sour Grapes also runs Mars Tapes down in Afflecks Palace (probably the last cassette shop in the UK). So stop by if you fancy a brand new walkman and some Elvis on tape.

We host a bi and sometimes tri-monthly gig night at Big Hands Bar and host larger events across various Manchester venues. 

Click here to visit out online store and purchase yourself a fine cassette tape!

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Manchester Record Label, that’s who we are, a label from Manchester called Sour Grapes Records. Sorry, this bit is for seo. You’re not meant to see this bit. But rest assured we are a manchester record label called Sour Grapes Records. We release fuzz, garage rock, blues and psych music on cassette because we love it. I have to try and crack three hundred words to improve our online visibility, so here goes nothing! There are many DIY record labels in manchester and there are also many DIY promoters. Sour Grapes Records are one of those record labels, we are also one of those live music promoters and we’re one of the best!

The label specialises in Rock, Garage Rock, Punk Rock and Psychedelic Rock music. We like to sell cassette tapes, and own a store called Mars Tapes to display them in. We are a Manchester Record Label and we aim to please! Please buy our t-shirts and tapes, they’re all available from bandcamp. If you just wanna chill and stream some great new tunes then check our our radio show The Sour Hour for the best new music around! I need twenty more words for the internet to be happy and show our website to the world! Forgive our SEO ramblings here, theres not much we can do about them, we dont really have too much to say you see! Come down to Big Hands Bar on Oxford Road for some great new music. It’s all underground rock and roll, and it’s all great!