Who & What Are We?!?

We like to release music by psychedelic and garage rock bands and we like to put on good gigs. Come to our Manchester events to get a taste of what you’ve always been looking for: a night that your ears will love but may never recover from. 

(We’re a record label and promoter for psych and garage rock music)

The bands so far: 

Basse, Sonic A.M, Woski, Dead Elephants, The Floormen, Azraq Sahara, FarfisaThing, Dense, Sioux, Slowhandclap, Sit Down, Bones Shake, Teeff, TG Lee & The Rago Band, Octopus, Marky Walsh, Peace Pipers, Shallow Waters, Snakerattlers, Bad Girlfriend, Sky Valley Mistress, Square Wild, Thee MVP’s, Pleasure Barge, URF, Legs On Wheels, The 99 Degree, The Big PeachThe Cosmics, The Early Mornings, FloodHounds, DeepShade, SLIFT, Mr. Ted, SeRvo, The Milk Lizards, The Indica Gallery, Bingo Harry,  Dread, Shredd, Mama Racho, Salt The Snail, Samurai Kip, Springfield Elementary, Cannibal Animal, The Goa Express  Gardenback, Pale Rider, Black Cat Revue, Mt Fuji, The Slaugher House Band, Fuzzhoneys, Eyes To Argus